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Business Opportunity

  • Run small FARMiliarity clubs for farmer in your community/city
  • No investment.
  • You can take the food that you grow or produce and sell it at local farmers’ markets to earn an income.
  • If you can train them on some skills, you could get paid extra.

How Much Can I Earn

Start and run your own clubs (multiple sources of income) including unlimited passive referral income. Your can charge professional fee, get referral bonus for each member and their referrals, rent for your equipment, administrative charges for maintaining the club, space rental if you own the premises, etc

You can also work hourly for existing clubs, but you get paid only hourly @$10 to $30/hour

What is the "Work?"

  • Farmer opportunities for small neighborhood clubs of 4 to 6 farmer .
  • There are a lot of organic farming available on, you would need to watch them while they are at it, to make sure they are focused on it, and not doing something that is outside their schedule.
  • You can make compost to sell to farmers and gardeners by starting your own worm farm.
  • You would also need to track their activities and time to keep score for each time when they act responsible.
  • Each program comes with step by step instructions that the farmer can manage themselves. While you can help them with the programs, it is not required.
  • If they find any program difficult for farmer, you can raise a ticket on and we will help you with that.
  • Those who can teach them a trick or two, will get preference, and can demand a better pay. For more info: visit

Where will this be conducted?

Most of the times, farmer will take turns to host it. You can host them in your own house, or utilize party space in your community.

How to Start?

  • It is possible that you get to work in your own community, or the ones in your city.
  • Please register yourself here:

  • There is a half an hour online training you need to complete to start working with a FARMiliarity Club. Now your name will be enlisted on FARMiliarity directory, you need to wait till you get a call from nearby clubs.
  • Better yet, you can set up clubs yourselves: talk to couple of landowner you know and offer to engage your farmer using
  • There are other passive sources of income for those who set up clubs. This passive income can grow into a huge income.

Who Can Do It ?

  • You could even offer your expertise to other farmers or agriculture businesses that want to utilize sustainable methods as a consultant.
  • It is perfect for landowner who can spare some time.
  • FARMiliarity has very clear organic farmer that farmer can manage themselves.
  • Most of it does not require anything other than basic computer skills.
  • Certain programs need specific skillsets, and / or education,
  • Patience to work with farmer is required.
  • Certain clubs may require background checks, which you would need to pay for, if you fail.
  • If you want to lead outdoor activities and offsite programs when landowner are not present,you may need to take special trainings / experience in CPR, Lifeguards etc

What are the Working Hours?

  • Farmers work the longest hours per week.
  • The average hours worked per week by farmers includes running the farm, preparing the production for selling, supervising employees, as well as hours spent in commercial and administrative tasks

The FARMiliarity platform is free for you

There is no fee to join this platform or become a coach

How Much Can You Charge?

  • If you are farming and helping them out, it would be basic pay
  • If you can lead some activities, it will increase accordingly
    You can offer to coach:

    • Farmer’s Market Vending,
    • Herb Growing
    • Vegetable Farming
    • Livestock Feed Manufacturing
    • Business Skills,
    • Fruit Growing
    • Field Crop Farming.

  • If you can handle more farming, your pay would proportionately go up.
  • If you take certain trainings on, you will get qualified to do more activities, which could mean more hours and / or higher pay.
  • As you get good feedback on the platform, you can demand higher fee.

How Long is the Work / Assignment?

It’s your choice to work for half an hour, or, to take it up regularly round the year.

(Depends on what kind of support each farmer’s Club is looking for.)

What is this Program About?

  • Farmer to farmer program: Building agricultural sector competitiveness.
  • It will continue as an organic farmer program after the farming. For more details please visit
  • Generally longer hours are preferred, especially if you have multiple skills.

Risks on the Platform:

The further development of data and application infrastructures (platforms and  As smart machines and sensors crop up on farms and farm data grow in quantity risk and to boost feed efficiency in livestock production .

You Can Choose Who You Want To Work With.

You can specify if you want to deal with female parents, or men. 

You can also choose where one of the parents are present while you are baby sitting.

Start/Run Your Club

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