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Free Natural Farming Clubs and Buying Groups

to Eat Healthy,
Make Friends,
Spend Time with Family, and
Get Exercise in the Sun.

Why FARMiliarity


1. Food You Can Trust

One of the group members and/or Familiarity consultant engages farmer directly and does tests time to time (or at the time of purchase for group buying.)

2. Low Price

Source it directly from farmers, cutting away all the middle men and their tall margin. Reduces perish rate by immediate sourcing and direct to home distribution.

3. Visit Farms

Make genuine friends with nature, farmers and your club members. It’s healthier air and get exercise and Sun. Best gift for your children. Spend weekends in villages in groups.

How Buying Clubs Work

Start a Buying Club

Form a Buying Club in your community, apartment, workplace or church

Start Group Buying

Set days to buy together and get it delivered at home at lower prices

FCT Tests Samples

Familiarity engages consultants to get the delivered produce sample tested for pesticide content.

How Farming Clubs Work


Make A Group
Connecting consumers to farmers for growing organic foods and offering education on how to incorporate these foods into your diet is how we work to build a healthy community.


Engage Land & Farmer
Several options: 1. Combine your backyards and farm together. 2. Engage a piece of land to farm. 3. Rent a piece of land from Farmers already on FARMiliarity.


Start Farming Organic
Grow your crops using our resources – water, labour, manure, seeds, expertise – as and when you need.  Reap the profits of crops grown by you in the healthiest way.

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